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Thread: Slot Limit on the Clinch

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    If You Want Slot Limits For The Clinch< More Than The 800 Lucro Members> You Must Show Your Support At The October 24 Meeting, We Will Need Over 1,000 Present, We Must Out Number Them !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Be There Or Be Square

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    Well, I don’t relish the thought of the Clinch being a tourist destination – nor being managed for tourism per say but regardless, with Cabelas near by, it will be an inevitable the Clinch will be in the spot and with the only thing constant is change it makes even more sense so set boundaries on a fishery that will aid and protect it for all users. If one thinks it’s crowded now think its crowded now, just you wait…

    “I have seen over crowed conditions regularly at Millers Island and up river and on more than one occasion at Clinton.

    Ain’t that the truth, combat fishing at is finest…again though, all the more reason to protect what’s there. And though the pressure may seem to be consistent, something eventually has to give, and as it would seem that many of the complaints about the quality of fish are in the most public areas….

    Course though I think the Clinch could be considered “technical” at times, I don’t think that the lack of numbers of sizable fish caught and reported lately is due to ones lack of ability with this tail water as seems to be overly inferred…while one needs to do their homework and spend some time on the water, it only takes a couple of seasons to get the general idea of how to fish the Clinch and what to use…but I know a few guides too that suggest that the Clinch isn’t what it used to be..

    “It is a local fishery and the regulations are against the desires of most of those who use it.
    The minority who are pushing this have over 1000 miles of water with special regulations that they can pursue to their hearts content what they want. The users of the Clinch have 4.5 miles of publicly available water to purse their desires.”

    I guess I’m of that minority, a user of the Clinch and am a local – now granted I don’t live in Anderson Co. But then most of the tags I see in the parking lot river side aren’t, but my license cost the same and the trout stamp supports the Clinch as well…
    I don’t fish the other tail waters just because they are labeled as special regs, but because of the obvious benefit and opportunity that has been created from those special regs. Many tail waters, not just in our state, have become outstanding fisheries as the Clinch has been known for but seems to be lacking as noted by several users groups…Why should I have to travel 2 hours or more each way to get that when the Clinch has the capability of superseding all of them….so again, what’s wrong with making the most out of the 4.5 miles and beyond…

    “Quality has nothing to do with size.”

    Course that too would be a “perception”.

    But, I’d whole heartedly agree…but then if that’s true and size isn’t the issue, then most shouldn’t be upset about not having to eat this predetermined notion of a 14” fish to eat – hey a stringer full of 12” trout taste kinda the same don’t ya think?

    “Quality is a healthy fishery and a watershed with adequate numbers to allow for all inhabitants to mature and grow in what it will sustain.”

    Again, I’d agree – but when the inhabitants are being overly harvested (legally or illegally) there won’t be any maturing or growth to sustain…and I ad this that again, I don’t think over fishing is solely to blame…but in combo with our “quality” and “healthy” didymo, the aftermath of past warm water sluicing, and draw down of Norris to winter pool coinciding with the brown spawning season …I’d say together has done a number on the Clinch….so yet again, what is wrong with protecting fish by way of slot limit?

    I kinda have to go with Flat Fly N …I just get the sense that the opposition to a slot limit is really an opposition to regulations in general…like there’s some conspiracy theory afoot and the tyrannical TWRA is impeding life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness armed with a dreaded by law: a slot limit….. I really don’t meant to be sarcastic, but it’s just IMHO…

    And should it get overturned and no slot limit placed, we’ll tis be a shame but life goes on, and I will do what I’ve always done: improvise, adapt, and overcome (man, I love that movie!)….
    May you find a rise in every puddle... - WATERBORN

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    Default Location of meeting

    Can you give the location and time of the meeting again? I have tried to find it, but I must be missing it somewhere. I sent my email to Gary Kimsey and TWRA and got a response back almost immediately. My response said that this is a hot topic and that there have been numerous emails received about it. Most of the people that I have talked to are for the slot limit, but I don't see them attending a meeting to voice their opinion. They have already made up their mind that in order to find decent trout fishing they will have to travel to Hiwassee, Johnson City, or Cookeville. I will try to get them to just ride with me, and that may convince them to go.


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    Default slot limits meeting

    wednesday, october 24 2007 at 1 pm. gatlinburg convention center

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