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Thread: In The Interest of Supporting LRO

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    I have wondered over the last few weeks about the impact of the low water and hi temps on business at LRO. I have been more than impressed with the staff's suggestions to not fish or to fish only under certain conditions which would improve the survival rate of any fish that were/are caught.

    In other words at a cost to their own business and livelihood, they have preferred the welfare of the fish over profiting themselves.

    I am posting to not only acknowledge their sacrifice and integrity, but to also encourage folks to seize this time to re-fill their fly boxes or perhaps to buy a fly box or two and fill them. Maybe this would be a prime opportunity to buy a new rod, a reel, or a new outfit. If you can't make that large of a purchase, maybe there is some gadget you have wanted but were waiting to purchase like a net, a thermometer, boots, tying supplies,etc.

    The point is that rather than allowing such incredible folks to suffer for doing right, maybe we can at least help compensate by honoring their efforts with a purchase of some sort, large or small

    God Bless,

    PS: If this is misplaced or considered inappropriate by LRO, please move or delete it. Regardless, please accept my sincerest thanks for all you folks do and all you are to those of us who know you!

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    While Byron and I have our differences (See regs on the Clinch). I will never say that they are not good folks who try and do what is right. We (My wife and I) send everybody we can there and do well over 95% of our fly-fishing business there. The only exceptions are when we travel and find new patterns to try out.

    They can also tell you I have phoned in orders while I was fishing in the past as well. Donít know what I would have done if a big fish had hit while I was placing that order.

    AS a note I agree 100% they did well on the issues in the Mtns with temp, and water levels

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