I want to see what the 1000+ board members think about TWRA's proposed slot limit's/regulations on the Clinch River think. It's a simple yes or no based on two things..."YES" you want a change based on TWRA's mangament plan or "NO" you wish to see no change or any improvement of this fishery! I'm posting this late and there is a meeting for this change coming Oct 24th at 1pm at the Gatlinburg Convention Center! I will be editing this post later to add some further links to the above listed TWRA management plan and other pertinent information!

Thanks in advance to all who voice thier opinion there is more than one individual wanting to see the results of this!


PS-For those who don't wish to create waves, I did not enable "Viewed Public Voting"...So by posting no one will no who how or what you voted for...Not that it will really matter depending on which way the "minority" votes! I think this may be one sided, but enlightening non the less!