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    Default Help with Resources

    First, I want to say that I really enjoy the fishing reports on the site and the information in the forum is outstanding.

    I live in Northwest Arkansas, and am planning a backpacking/fishing trip to the smokies over spring break.

    I need help determing the best tent for the smokies. I have an Alps Mountaineering two person tent, but need a three person tent. Any suggestions, I was looking at the MSR Mutha Hubba.

    I am already saving for a Scott G2 four weight with a galvan reel for the smokies, is this a good combination.

    Finally, What about a good reference book for trails and fishing sites, etc.

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    Default Steve...

    The park itself puts out a pretty good map of all the trails. It is available online:

    A four weight is a good rod for the springtime. Delicate presentations for dries, as well as the backbone to throw heavier nymphs and streamers.

    I've heard good things about the MSR "Hubba" series of tents, but have no personal experience.

    Good luck on your trip planning. Surely by next spring we'll have some water for you to fish!
    Charles M.

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    I personally use a Sierra Designs Antares in the "fastpacking" mode when going backcountry...
    check it out here:

    You might be able to get it on sale here:

    I often use a 8'4" 4wt G2 in the GSMNP, it's very versatile and would be adequate for almost any GSMNP stream, although I wish now I would of got the 8'. I recently purchased a 7' 3wt DiamondGlass which is better for small streams, dry flies and short casts. Another rod to consider is Murray's Mountain Rod, which is supposedly built for Harry on the old Scott G blank....

    ...and the classic fly fishing BIBLE of the GSMNP...
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    Default Tfo

    I dry cast a TFO 7'9" 4wt (4 piece) at LRO recently in preparation for getting a lighter rig. For the price it was a super rod. Great feel. It's definitely on my shopping list.
    Charlie B

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    Default Scott G2

    That sounds like a great rod, I use an older 8', 4wt, 4pc G for most of my smokies fishing, the G2 is an improvement if anything. I would put an SA trout line on it.
    Tents; mine are old, dont even remember the models now. One is a Eureka Alpine? Aluminum poles and self supporting, right at 5 lb with full fly. My three man is a Trek about 6 lb with full fly. I would say make sure you get the full fly as most years it rains frequently and hopefully the trend will return!

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