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Thread: have ever seen one of these in the park?

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    Default have ever seen one of these in the park?

    i hiked up to a brook trout creek in the Cumberland Gap Nat. Park sunday and found this in the creek. the part of the creek that can be fished is in a WMA and is bordered on the top of the mountain with the park, which can't be fished on.

    i wasn't sure where i was and assumed that i was in the park and started back out. but a check of a more detailed map showed i had another 3/4 mile i could have fished. i asked a park ranger if he knew of the meter (he didn't) and the state f&w has come up empty.

    does anybody know anything about these things and if the park service or other agency would be using them?

    i would like to go back but i don't want to mess anything up. the water was real low, as a matter of a fact the meter was 6" out of the water above a small pool. i didn't touch anything and back out, bad thing was the fishing was getting better (well the water was atleast more fishable than the giant canyon i had just walked up beside.




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    Default I hope you didn't pack it out with you!

    It's a water quality sampling tool! More than likely put there by the Park Service and should have been appropriatley tagged as such! I would imagine its completly wireless and transmits data to where ever!

    Here's the link to your interesting find.

    That one in particular is their most expensive model by the looks of things! So I would bet on it being the Park Service's..

    KEWL PICS...Almost as good as some fish!


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