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Thread: 9' 3 weight rods

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    Default 9' 3 weight rods

    Does anyone know who makes a 9' or 9 1/2' 3 weight rod in a slow to medium action that is a 4 or 5 piece rod? I have not been able to find anyone who makes a rod with the above specs. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I would also appreciate names of custom rod builders who would be able to make me a rod.
    Chris McCarthy

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    The closest rod to that length that I know of is the discontinued Sage SLT 389-4 3wt 8' 9" 4 piece, a med/med-fast rod. The Scott G2 883-4 8' 8" 3wt 4piece, med action. The McFarland "vintage series" 903-3 9ft 3wt. 3piece is a slow rod. McFarland may be able to custom make you a 4-5 piece rod.

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    I have not fished one but I have heard great reports on the Winston BIIt (

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    Default Found one!

    The Albright EXS 9 foot 3 weight. 4 pieces 237$ at some places.

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