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Thread: Little River Report

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    Default Little River Report

    I didn't know which forum to post this in but thought you might like a little more information on just how bad thing are on the Little River.

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    that is terrible in several see I am a corporate employee of Super Wash and we build, operate and franchise our name car washes. We currently have franchise owners in Maryville and upon reading that last paragraph I find that commercial car washes have been shut down till further notice .....that is frightening. I have met with the owner of that particular wash and they are fantastic people and thier income is halted until this drought is over, I'm praying this is not a devistating blow to these owners and they can hold on till the drought is over and the ban is lifted. Maybe at that time all you wonderful folks on this message board (who live in the area) should swing by and get your car washed to help the cause and get a great car wash.....tell em' you heard of them on this board. Please don't take this as a solicitation, just asking good folks to help good folks in a time of need where possible.......

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    At the same time, maybe you can persuade your company to lower or suspend the monthly franchise fees for these good people while they wait for rain.
    Please bear in mind that I have no idea what I am talking about.

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