Made my annual October trip to Elkmont in search of the wiley rainbow trout....ended up searching for water. Had reserved a river side campsite four months ago and felt lucky just to be able to hear the river this year. One spot where my son had fished pool under a downed tree in the campground was completely dry. Found that I had to cast two to three pools ahead to keep from spooking the fish. Had fair luck on the W. Prong of the Pigeon one day fishing yellow caddis flies. Second day walked up above Husky Branch...first cast I caught a 10" bow on a para. adams and that was the highlight of the days fishing.....there are still some big fish in that river....saw one brown that went at least 20".....found another pool where there was a foot long rainbow feeding on the surface but refused anything I had to offer....pretty much got skunked over at Greenbrier fishing behind someone....have been doing this trip for 37 years and this is the driest conditions we have ever found....rangers posted a notice that there is a 16 mile strip of the AT without any some places they are advising hikers to dig holes and wait for the water to clear.....guess if these fish survive then they should be passing along some powerful genetic material to the next generation. As bad as the fishing was it was still good to be there again.....keep praying for the rain, it will have to come sooner or later.