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Thread: New Fly rod

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    Bob (buckeyetrouter)
    my email address is
    jeffnles1 at insightbb dot com

    drop me a line and we can talk about what's worked for me there.


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    Default Rods for the mountains

    Pharmtec, In tight fishing situations a soft rod loads up a short line much easier. My soft 7ft 3wt, 15 yr old Diamondback has been a joy to cast. I've got plenty of fast rods, but I like to slow things down in the mountains. Even within the Park, fishing the Little River is different than a high brook trout streams. Spend your money where your passion lies. Put your bucks on the rod you use a lot. Ther are a bunch of $500 saltwater rods that have a handful of casts on them. They stand in the corner waiting for next or is it next year we go to Fla. I fish mainly tailwaters, some warmwater, and some time in the mountains. As I get older, climbing on wet boulders is getting harder. I also like to fish alone more than I should. LRO will take good care of you.

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    Default Thanks you all

    Thanks for the information everyone. I will follow the advice with a combination of searching and testing. I hope that your advice leads me to find a great fly rod.
    Catch your limit the next time you go,


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