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Thread: Question on Fly Literature????

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    Default Question on Fly Literature????

    Im sorry if this sounds like a dumb question but when referring to a lure or fly with a number what does the number mean? Like on the boxes when you purchase a fly lure it will have like # 13 or # 8 what do the numbers mean on this? Also I have only been fly fishing for a couple of weeks now im sure you all have noticed, but the tip of my fly line sinks after extended periods of floating. I checked the end of the line and there is a tiny incision on on it. Will it have an effect on the fish if I were to patch the hole with glue or something? Or should I just go and purchase a new line? wich is not too cheap i paid 62$ for this particular line.

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    Not an expert here but the numbers you're referring to (i.e. #18 Adams) refers to the size of the hook on which the fly was tied. The higher the number, the smaller the hook. This may help

    As for the nick in the end of your line, if it's only a couple inches from the tip, just cut it off and reattach your leader. If you're using a braided loop (the chinese handcuff baided thing that slips over your fly line and is held in place by shrink tubing) sometimes gets wet and sinks a little. I've just folded it over in my shirt sleeve and dried it off and it floats again.

    I've been removing them and just nail knotting a butt end of leader (the fat end) onto my fly line and tying a perfection loop in it. This seems to work much better for me than the braided loop thingies (like my command of technical terms).

    Hope this helps.

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    Default Maintenance

    I agree, just cut off the nicked section if it's just a small section. A veteran might notice a subtle performance change on big water but it shouldn't affect performance on our small mountain streams.

    A little maintenance on your fly line will go a long way on the water. I try to give mine a good cleaning after a few trips. Just strip it into a sink full of warm soapy water, swish it around a bit and strip it into a sink full of warm rinse water while running it thru a soft cloth. You can then apply a commercial line dressing (available at LRO) to the line as you wind it back on the reel.

    You can also carry with you a small cleaning patch that will both clean and dress the line as needed. In a pinch, if you really need it, tie a strike indicator on (preferably yarn) at the junction of the leader and the fly line.


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