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Thread: Info on what size pound test???

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    Default Info on what size pound test???

    Hi, yes its me again I appreciate everyone being very friendly and responsive to my questions. I was wondering on average what pound test everyone is using for their leader? Also some types of hints as to what kind of fly's I should try throwing this weekend up on the West Prong??


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    Default Me agin, Rolin


    NVR2busy to answer questions. I'm using a 5x leader and 6x tippet tomorrow up on West Prong. Will be using #16 Parachute Adams (standard grey and brown) for flies. Can't go wrong with PA up there.

    It appears rain may have finally arrived today in the mountains so should be a nice weekend for it. Again, call or check the board for a report after tomorrow's outing.

    Luck with your trip.
    Charlie B

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    I normally use 6x, but I went all the way down to 8x this weekend.

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