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    Default River Conditions

    I drove through the Park to Gatlinburg to attend the TWRA Commission Meeting. I crossed the bridge at the "Y" around 11:00. The West and Middle Prong looked clear. The East Prong of the Little River was swift and muddy all the way to the Elkmont turnoff. The Little Pigeon in Gatlinburg had plenty of water but it was running clear.


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    Default Rain!

    Sounds like y'all are getting maybe a little of what we're seeing. Since Monday morning I think we've had 4-5" in Nashville area. Makes me want to go outside and dance in it! Nah, too old for that.
    Anyway, I hope for the streams to fill up and run clear and cold for a long long time.

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    Default Wplp

    Went up to Road Prong and West Prong of the Little Pigeon today and there was so much water in them that they were virtually unfishable. I'm sure within a few days they'll be back down to a nice level - will never argue with "too much rain" at this point. Let it pour!

    The Kayakers were happy today - had 10 of them pass me on the WPLP and they had some great water for their run.
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