Didn't know who else to share it with so I figured why not here. Its finally dropping into the forties and I am enjoying the cool evening in a nice chair on the porch with a Beamish stout in one hand and a copy of Lefty's "The Professionals' Favorite Flies" in the other. I was out here planning the flies I was going to tie for my trip to the Smokies next week but I found my mind was other places. I can't get the grin off my face, this is my time of year. No more big crowds, beach balls, or tubes. No more bait, spinners, or huge stringers of trophy fish. Just catch and release only, delayed harvest, artificial, me against the fish time. Only us real fisherman out now. The ones that know that when the first loop flies and that blue winged olive makes a little ripple, all the cold goes away. The ones that are smiling fish or no fish because we have the stream all to ourselves with birds and water the only break in the silence. So, I tip my glass to all of you and can't wait to see you waist deep with that ear to ear grin.
Christopher Fisher