I'm sure you have someone you can contact to find out how close the goal is to being met. I've looked at the same number for quite some time now! I ordered mine the other day and I wanted to bring this back to the top of the threads to make sure people were aware they've only got till March 31'st to get thier order in for the new plate....I really hope it happens it would go towards such a great cause....What's really funny about it, is the simple fact that it's struggling to take off....If it were hanging on the wall as a plate you could get right now, people who don't even know what a brook trout is would buy it, just for the simple fact it's a "PRETTY" plate!

Anyway....I did say I ordered mine the other day, and was quite frustrated after ordering it....I did it online, kept messing up, and finally it went through...After going through it said something about the Cumberland Trout Unlimited Chapter.....So now I'm thinking my contribution went towards them instead of the Little River Chapter! Huh, oh well! It's all going to somewhere I'd prefer to see my money anywho! I also plan on a few trips to the Caney this year, so I feel like I probably put it in the right place by accident!

Anyway it ends up, I hope to proudly display mine on my beater soon! It will be the nicest attribute my poor car has going for it!