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Thread: GSMNP Jobs

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    Thumbs up Bravo, Giantfish

    A wise man once said:
    If you get up in the morning and groan about your work, but keep telling yourself "it pays well" you don't need that job. If you wake up excited and ready for work everyday, then the money doesn't matter, it's the job and how you feel.
    Of all the good advice you have gotten in this thread, you have given yourself the best of all. You will be most content with your job and with your life if your work and your passion happen to coincide. You'll figure out how to live within your means.

    Go get 'em, Giantfish. You da man.
    Charlie B

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    You say you like the outdoors, aren't too concerned about money, and don't mind dealing with a bunch of "wild animals". Well, you just wrote my job description. Ever think about the Marines?
    Life is hard. But it's a lot harder if you're stupid.

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    I suppose I might have come across in my first response as saying it's only the money but what I meant to say is eventually in the working life of 99.9% of people work is mostly about the money. You need a job to live. You are young and full of raw untainted idealism but the world is out there ready to smack you in the face.
    You will work for people who are jack a#### who will not have the idealism that you now possess. They will do their best to smack down any motivated upstart who they perceive is out to outdo them. You will need to have money to switch jobs when you find I don't want to get up and do this job. No matter what you do treat yourself as a professional, self-employed person. Save your money from the get go. Have 9 months of living expenses in savings at least. Plan for your own retirement. Do not depend on your employer for security. This is advice from my own life.
    I recommended Chemical Engineering becuase I have a Chemical Engineering Degree. I have been in the industry for 28 years. I am now a Plant Manager. I have lived in Texas, North Carolina and East and West Ohio. I have worked for 5 different companies form the largest in the world to companies that no longer exist. I enjoy my profession and am proud of my contribution to the society but there are times that it is still a job. But those times when it still a job, it helps to have the financial reward and the authority to make the job more bearable.This is what I mean by it's the money.
    Giantfish, you have gotten some great advise in this thread and I see your father has even responded. What a great relationship you two must have because I can tell that you are freinds. Whatever you do remember, it's the Math and Science that will ultimatley lead you to your best choice of a profession.

    John B

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