I've been in the backcountry twice now.....I think. Last time I went I thought I saw a little trail, that was unmarked, and kinda hidden by trees and bushes. It was a trail, because I went over there to do some business, and saw that it was a trial that went on for a while. I thought that maybe it could be an old Indian trail, or trail that pioneers used or something. Or I have an over active imagination, and it was just a trail for the rangers or something, but still It would be neat to find a hidden stream, or an old house no ones ever seen. The GSMNP are old and big, there could be many undiscovered things out there, more in the backcountry, because it would be hidden better, because it's not full of people and tourist. I was just wondering if it would be possible for there to be a hidden trial in the backcountry and if you might find something there. Are there hidden trials in those mountains? Are you allowed to explore them? Do the rangers know they are there. Do they hide hidden streams full of fish for me to catch. (Giantfish) Could you find out about the history of the trail by researching the area. My main idea is could any of this be possible, could that trail i saw really be a hidden trail??