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Thread: Greenbriar

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    Default is starting to get cold at night and will be next week...right now the water levels are still pretty low which will limit some of your options like Porter's Creek....there is still some water to be had over there ....take the road that leads to Ramsey Cascades...park where the river is crossed by the last bridge over the water and fish up to the parking area....some nice runs still available there....usually my go to water is the WP of the Little Pigeon just above Park up to the pull off for the Huskey Gap trail and take the Quiet Walkway down to the can then go left or right....the gradient of the stream down river from this point is not as steep as if you go up river.....if the sun is out around mid-day things can get interesting....good luck.

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    Thanks for the great info I will be there Sat for sure If I can help you out down here is Smyrna Georgia with the Hooch let me know. The DH has been good so far here even with the drought. Here is a link to one I caught Sunday afternoon.

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