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Thread: For the Vets

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    Default For the Vets

    I know that this site is about fishing in the GSMNP, but, as Daniel said, we would not be able to do so without the sacrifice of our brave Vets. Also, my dad was a Marine who served twice - the second time during Korea. He died 10 years ago Saturday. So, please allow me to post this tribute and thanks to those whose courage I cannot even comprehend.

    Thank you.

    A Simple Thanks

    This morning I awoke with the morning sun
    I pondered the day and the things to be done
    I followed my routine and headed to work
    My morning went off without a quirk

    While driving to work, I began to ponder
    How great life is in this land of wonder
    We take for granted how great it is to be
    Living a life here in the home of the free

    Drifting to my sons and the joy they bring
    Thinking of them lifts my soul to a ring
    Then to the thought of my lovely wife
    The essence of love, beauty of my life

    Tonight I値l lie down to rest and sleep
    I値l pray that the Lord my soul will keep
    I値l sleep so sound without any fear
    I値l wake up tomorrow with gladness and cheer

    This freedom we have is not without cost
    Let us not forget the lives that were lost
    Their bravery was beyond what we can conceive
    Their life was given liberty to achieve

    Thank you for fighting for freedom for all
    For risking everything to guard that wall
    Generations will come and generations will go
    But for the freedom we have, it痴 you we all owe

    Tonight when I lay down, I値l say a prayer
    That God will keep you in his care
    That he値l bring you home to this land of the free
    So I may cheer you for fighting for my family and me

    Don Winningham
    Don Winningham

    I don't live just to fish, but I want to fish just as long as I live.

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    That was beautiful. Thanks for the tribute on behalf of all veterans.--Bran

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    To those people who won't stand behind our troops, Feel free to stand in front of them!!!!!

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    Thank you for that touching tribute to the troops.

    For those of you out there who are currently serving, or have done so in the past, I send you my heartfelt thanks. I am grateful every day for your service and your sacrifice on my behalf. God bless you all!


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    Default Praise for the troops.

    I probably wouldn't say it any better that Paula. But every day we roam the great nation of freedom and opportunity is due to the patriots who carry the banner and keep the watch. Thanks for sharing your poem.
    And thanks to all the veterans.

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    I still remember serving my country during Thanksgiving and this is a real nice tribute.

    I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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