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Thread: Brookie trip, good pics.

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    Default Brookie trip, good pics.

    I got out a few days off work this week and decided to do a little fishing. My dad has fished these mountain streams for 40 yrs but the last ten yrs he has had really bad knees and usually cant get around on the rough rivers of the area. He has become a die hard bass fisherman. I talked him into showing me one of his all time favorite brookie streams. To say this stream is remote is a understatement! I doubt very few fisherman wet a line in this little jewel on any given year. All I will say is that the creek is in NC and not in the GSMNP. As for the fishing goes we had a blast. I would say about 40 brookies between us. A few of the fish were very colorful and good sized as well. I caught one little jewel about 9" (see pics). All and all it was just a great day. I really enjoyed watched my dad doing something he loved for so many years. I also got a good history lesson about the area. Well here is a few pics from this beautiful place. Hope everyone gets to have a day like this sometime.

    Dad fishing.

    One of many specs.....

    9 " brookie. One of the most colorful I have ever seen personally.
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