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Thread: WPLP and Road Prong 11-20

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    Went back up to the Chimney Tops for what will probably be the last fishing trip of the year . I broke my thermometer last night while putting my stuff into the truck (I've broken a lot of stuff this year...not to mention the leak I've sprung in my waders), so I have no idea what the temp of the water was, but it felt colder than last week. The trout seemed less responsive today as well, so I would have to think that the water was somewhat colder...

    In fact, I hardly saw any fish today. I managed to catch 3, but only missed 2 others. Tried several different small dries (I wasn't in the mood to fish nymphs), but all three were caught on a #18 EHC.

    Fished from the tunnel up to the Road Prong Bridge (#2) and then fished from the #3 bridge to the #4 bridge. Didn't see a single fish in that section. I'm sure they are there, but they were all hiding. I wasn't even spooking them. They were holding down and out of sight. It was a nice hike, however. There are a few nice cascades and waterfalls and it didn't seem quite as treacherous as the section above bridge #4. I'm not sure if the fishing would be as good...I'll have to wait for the Spring (maybe) to try it again...

    Have a Great Thanksgiving everyone!!
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