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Thread: First day fishing

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    Smile First day fishing

    Hey everyone,

    Got here Tuesday afternoon. Went by LRO, met Byron and his crew. All were very nice and very helpful. Daniel helped me with items I needed and What I really liked about this store is no one was pushy about items, gave me several choices and helped me with some line techniques. Another thing about a smaller store then some of big box retailers is I could see they carry items that are for every budget, but no junk. Anyway if you have not been by there I would highly recommend a stop. Ok on to fishing.

    Tried the area near the smoky mountain institute. The day was warm and very windy. Did not catch any fish but the day was great. Only had from about 7:30 till 1:00, then had to take care of some family things. It's funny how time passes faster when you are wishing you had more, but if working it goes so slow lol. Think I will try the middle prong area Thursday afternoon. If any one has any hints or suggestions it would be greatly appreciated.

    Hope everyone has a great thanksgiving


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    First of all, welcome to our heaven. Glad to have you here.

    I was up above Tremont (aka, Middle Prong) on Monday afternoon and got virtually nothing until I moved up further on the river. Go to the gravel parking lot at the end of the road, cross the foot bridge and go up the trail to the left. After a bit, you will see cascades to your left that go down a fairly steep elevation. If you fish above the cascades, you should have better success. I caught several small trout Monday once I got up to that section of the river. The farther you can go up on Middle Prong, the better the fishing is. Also, with the temperatures falling, afternoon is your best bet to give the water temps a chance to rise a bit.

    Have a Happy Thanksgiving and good luck on the stream.
    Charlie B

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    Caution Tim,

    You will now get an uncontrollable urge to fish there everyday. I count the days till my next trip. I have talked about my last trip to a couple of my fishing buddies so much the wanted me to plan a trip for December with them. Who am I to disagree with a trip to the Smokies to fish .

    I agree about LRO, they are great to deal with.


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