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Thread: Cold Weather Flies

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    Default Cold Weather Flies

    I just thought I would see what everyone else is using in cold weather in the park. I'll usually toss heavy nymphs but last year started experimenting with midges and did fairly well. One fly in particular that did well in cold weather was a small black beadhead simi seal leech (#14-#16) which I suspect imitates a lot of the little bugs that are in the water moving around in the winter, especially little black stonefly nymphs... So what's your favorite wintertime flies for the park?
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    I don't know about a particular favorite fly, but I was able to catch a few on dries over Thanksgiving. I had to go small and plain - #18 Para Adams, on 8X tippet. I also used small beadheads, mostly high-sticking. The fish weren't exactly smashing them hard, like in the Spring. To be honest, the main reason I fished dries at all is just because I like them.

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