Hello all,
I'm planning on taking my first back country fishing trip and I'm looking for some advice. I'm planning the trip in March and I'm taking my father. He is a tough old bird but I don't want a trip that would be taxing but enjoyable for him. We really would like the solitude that the unbeaten path can give. It will be a three day trip and will overlap the weekend. I know that Eagle Creek will probably be less traveled but the fish will be smaller and Hazel Creek has higher foot traffic but the fish are bigger. I've hiked up Eagle Creek Trail to the AT before and I liked the campsites along the way (the trail sucks after campsite #97). How are the campsites on Hazel (#86, #85, & #84)? Also this is only my second time down to the Smokies to fish and in central Indiana there aren't any trout. So what fly assortment should I look at bringing? I know how to high stick and I figured that is the way we will fish the majority of the time. Am I correct at assuming this? I have never posted anything on this forum before but I've been reading different threads for about a month now and I know you guys know the smokies. Any advice will be great. Thanks