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Thread: First Back Country Fishing Trip

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    Thanks everyone for all your help. I do have one more question. I was wondering if it is better to hike to camp and then backtrack and fish to camp or fish from camp and hike back. It may sound like a odd question but I just want everything to go smooth. Also dryfly1 you right about the trail after #97. My buddy and I three years ago hiked from #90 to Spence Field on the AT and after #97 there were spots where you are on your hands and knees crawling. I had never been beaten that bad by a trail before and I hope never to again. I also wanted to say thanks because I never thought about the streams swelling from rain and that many creek crossings would take its toll. Any ways I know that this trip is a few months away but after I’ll make sure to post pictures and tell you guys how it went. I do really appreciate all the help.

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    Hey Indi,

    I typically solo hike into all my waters and never take the water shuttle to Eagle or Hazel. So by the time I get there and set up camp i am a little tired and ready to wet a line. I will enter the water at camp and fish upstream for the remainder of the day and hike back to camp that evening. On day #two I hike down stream that morning and fish back to camp. I cover a lot of water!

    Since you are with your dad and most likely taking the shuttle over,you will be fresh and have a couple of options.
    1. flip-flop each other and either start at camp and fish up or hike down stream and fish up. Works well either way.
    2. Split up and one hike down and one fish up and meet back at base camp that evening.
    Since you have 3 days I would consider multiple base camp sites? After a day or 2, get up the next morning hike up to the next site,or down, set up camp
    (this is what I always do)and hit some fresh water. You will be surprised how much water you will cover and will be looking for more. 3 days on the same water is a looong time. And don't be confounded by all the over growth initially at the small streams. While they can be quiet tangly, they usually open up and offer some exquisite smoky mountain solitude FF.
    • I was joking a little about the trail above #97. But it's what helps keep this place less traveled. In my opinion it's the most difficult piece of trail in park. Move up a foot suck air and repeat.
    *Wise Fly Fisher say: Do a little "shake down" hike with the "old man" before your trip and a gear lay out. Somebody always forgets something!! Better to discover this at home..

    Enjoy..... I gotta go look at some old pic's , I'm getting that back country itch!
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    "Great things are done when men and mountains meet." William Blake (For general interest in the Middle Tennessee area)

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    Default Suggestions

    That time of year is iffy, but I would make the trip anyway. Just bring a little extra food and make sure your bags are rated for the potential temps. I would go to Hazel or Deep because the trails stay on one side or have bridges at crossings, not too sure about Deep, but for Hazel this is accurate.
    Flies have been covered. The campsites on Hazel are all good, but some distance. Proctor is close and nice as well. You won't see many people there that time of year. I do remember in 04 or 05 we planned on Hazel, got to the Fontana dock to take the shuttle and found that there had been some snow on the spine, the melt had caused the water temps to plummet, it was in the 30's and we bagged it that day. Hazel is pretty to hike around as well, sounds like you already know that. Get a book on the area, it may make the trip more interesting yet. Enjoy yourselves.

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    If you want to go to the Tn. side of the park my favorite spot is No. 24 at Rough Creek...about 4.2 miles and all along the Little River....fairly easy walk and can fish a lot of different water from this location....Fish Camp Prong is only a short walk back down the me, some of the best dry fly fishing water around.....campsite is nice and you can manage a slam fishing from the campsite upstream.

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