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Thread: Request to the praying type.

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    Thumbs up Congrats

    Quote Originally Posted by wmwalker View Post
    Way to go and I know you have beaten that habit. My prayers have gone up and you are a non smoker. Praise the Lord! Now you will have a longer life time to fish and all that money you are saving can buy more fishing stuff.
    As I said here I know you are a non somker

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    Default I need to quit too!

    Hey Rocky,

    How did you manage to do it, it seems so insurmountable to be able to quit...I want to but I have a pretty good idea what I am in for physically and psychologically....When I tried to quit years ago I remember the anxiety being horrible and there was almost physical pain....
    Mark C. Watson
    Professional Loafer (retired)/ Fly Fisherman
    Sevierville, Tn

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    Default Let's do it


    Say the word and you see from this thread that there are a host of fly fisherman who will pray you through it. All you have to do is shout out.
    Charlie B

    His eye is on the sparrow and I know He watches me.

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    Hey there Former Marine.

    First let me say thank you for your service. It's much appreciated.

    As mentioned, I think the prayer and support I received from the LRO board patrons as well as the support from other fishing boards was a big part of my success.

    I might add that when I first laid my pack down, I had come down with a chest cold and didn't want a smoke anyway. I took it as a great opportunity to get off of them. So I kindly had a good head start. Now while you can't plan to have a cold, you can however set a date and make mental preparations. One of our good clients is also one of the leading heart surgeons in the south and he had been working with me. His plan was for me to set a date when I could change my routines a little, I had planned on doing it on new years, because I typically begin my slow season in January. Thx to the cold I was able to stop a month or so earlier.

    I used Nicorette gum to curve the urges. I started out with the 4mg and maybe 3 or 4 pieces a day. (they recommend more but I just chewed the same piece longer than needed). Now I'm on 2 mg.

    Don't be afraid to ask for help. Family and friends can be a big help. I will include you in my prayers. Best of luck man.

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    Thumbs up How appropriate!

    From the Jan/Feb Issue of Fly Rod & Reel Magazine.

    "In an interview in the September 2007 issue of Esquire Magazine, country music legend Steve Earle mentioned the role fly-fishing played in his decision to quit smoking:
    'I actually did more damage to my lungs smoking crack (than cigarettes). But I had to quit. I fish in some of the most extreme places in the world. Trout don't live in ugly places, and most of them are above 5,000 feet. I fish for trout with a fly rod and you need lungs for that.' "

    How appropriate is that thought??!!


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    Yo rocky! I hope you've done well getting off the smokes. I remeber us talking about that back in November on the Cumberland. Thanks for a great trip by the way and that Clackacraft realy did spoil me. I'm a respiratory therapist, well, I'm a fly fishermen who works as a respiratory therapist but I can put you on to something I've had great success with my patients at the hospital and myself. First let me say that if the route you've taken is working for you then don't change a thing. Different strokes for different folks and such. However, I've a friend, also a respiratory therapist who smoked for 40 years, who has been off them for 6 months now using a new med called Chantix. I realize this sounds like a commercial but I don't get paid to sell the stuff or even a free fishing trip out of it. I'm all for doing it with out perscription meds. if at all possible. However, some of us are such hard core smokers it takes a little help. The drug is simply removes that craveing or urge to light up. Sounds like "snake oil" but it's worked for alot of good folks. Definetly always talk to your Dr. first. I definetly want you to keep getting me down the river for years to come. Your in our prayers & thanks for posting those pics. on you web site. I just got my new computer up and going so I was not able to email mine to you. But my gandad had a great time looking at that pic on the web. Of course he's teling everybody it was 40 inch trout. At least he lies in my favore.

    Chad Parker RRT,CPFT

    Chad Parker,RRT CPFT
    Get outdoors & have fun!

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    Hey Chad,

    Nice to hear from you. Listen to the bonehead I did. I gave you a card with a bogus email address on it. Looking back, I suppose just about every card I handed out last year had my old email address on it. I have no clue how it happened. Unfortunately, as a fishing guide, stuff like that seems to happen from time to time. LOL

    Anyway, Great to hear from you.

    I've not had a smoke since I laid them down during the middle of November. However, last night I did have a weird dream....I remember (in my dream) I had smoked two cigarettes and 15 minutes later somebody offered me one and I had a long hard debate in my head whether I should take it or not. I thought that I had just had two so what would it hurt. (end of dream) . I woke up as that long, sexy, stuffed with love, filter tipped piece of gold was against my lower lip.

    I have no clue what that dream means. It was the first of it's kind. For the most part....I've kindly put a butt whipping on the smokes and feel like I'm making a victory lap.

    I owe it all to a 4 day chest cold that got me started, a whole lot of support from friends and family, Strength from upstairs, and a piece of Nicorett from time to time.

    I actually have a Rx for chantix. However, I was told by my acting Doctor, to wait for a change in schedule or lifestyle before I started. We settled on the first of the year. Luckily I jumped the gun and had a huge lead by the first of the month. Got 2 months under my belt along with some situations that made a marlboro look like heaven.

    Anyway, I'll be happy to shoot you the pics from November. It was a fantastic trip and that's probably going to be the most color rich fish I ever see. It was gorgeous.

    Shoot me your email.address. is my correct email. I think the card I gave you was and no good.

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    Default How Goes It

    It has been about 3 months since you made the big decision to quit smoking and a month since your last post. How about an update to keep this thread going.
    Perhaps your experience will be an inspiration to others who may be contemplating following your example.

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    No problem,

    I suppose in a day or so I will be up to 3 months without a smoke.

    Last weekend, I survived another tough situation where a smoke really had a good sound to it. A group of 15 fishermen from the ETFFF made a group trip to the Nant. With spirits and fishing lies flowing, and campfires glowing, a smoke seemed like a natural thing to do......however, I held firm all weekend and continued on my smokeless journey.

    All of my friends who have beaten up the marlboro man have said that those urges and desires never really go away. They just get shorter.

    Anyway, thanks for asking, and if there is anybody else out there needing support to lay their smokes down......please don't be afraid to look for support here.

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    good luck, praying for ya
    "even Jesus had a 12 man recon team"

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