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    Default quick LR report

    fished the little river today above metcalf. there were fishermen lined all up and down LR. no fish caught. did get a couple of strikes on an orange palmer. no takes on bhpt. no takes on anything else. no bugs hatching. sun was shining and it felt like spring. I noticed some trees (I believe bradford pears) in seymour had buds sprouting all over. I'm think I'm going to try for the stockers here soon....

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    Sorry you didn't have any luck... Tremont was on fire today! I was pulling them out of almost every run. Adult fish too. I only remember one dink and had a few pushing 10" take the dry. Probably caught 25, maybe more, it was insane. About 50/50 dry to dropper. Are you going to meet Mr Lowe in the morning?


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