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Thread: Fished Middle Prong today

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    Default Fished Middle Prong today

    I fished the middle prong for about two and half hours today. Parked at the second bridge and fished up to the bridge at the trailheads. I caught three bows all about three inches. The first on black caddis right below the second one lane bridge. It was the first hole I fished. I missed a few more strikes on the caddis, and a couple on the bh pheasant tail and few ldr's on the pt. I caught the other two fish on a gold ribbed copper john, the last fish coming from the hold directly under the bridge from the parking lot. The fishing wasn't bad, I think it was about to pick up some as we were leaving. We had to be back for a commitment we already had, so we didn't get to fish very late into the evening.

    A quick question:

    I've tied up some big nymphs, zonkers, and mini-zonkers that I'm thinking about throwing through some deep pools on the little river tomorrow morning until the rain hits providing it doesn't start raining before I leave. Anyone have any suggestions of where I might be able to find a big brown lurking? Should I just pull off of Little River Rd.? Below or above the sinks? Actually I've never fished the LR inside the park, so I don't know a lot about it.
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    Default try Metcalf Bottoms

    There have been some large browns in that area, including at least one above 20" caught last year near the bridge. Anything above the sinks is wild. Below the sinks, you might find some stockers.

    Have fun. My Dad would want me to say "Go Buffs!" My Mom and Dad are class of '62 from Milligan.


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    Ddc, Tell your parents I said "Go Buff's" back. It's amazing where you meet people who have connections to Milligan despite how small it is. I got lucky and got ticket to the sec championship game, and the lady sitting beside me was in the adult degree program and graduating this spring. I'll be in the class of '10.

    I'll probably try out metcalf tomorrow. I've read a lot about it, but I haven't fished it yet. Thanks.

    "I've got to stop wishin, I've got to go fishin"

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