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Thread: Loop Connectors

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    I took the loop end from old used up leaders and nail knotted them to the end of my fly lines. Instant loop connector. I have about 2" of the mono sticking out between the end of my line and the loop. I also have one of the lines with the factory loop on my 3wt and have had no problems with it either.

    The old used up leader thing is the cat's meow though and it's essentially free since I would have otherwise thrown it away.


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    Default No more loops

    This season I have totally done away with loops and I find the line never hangs up when casting. I Nail Knot about a foot of 25# Amnesia to my fly line. I use this as both an indicator and and a base for the leader. To that I Blood Knot 4 feet of 25# Maxima Clear + 2-1/2 feet of 20# + 18" of 0X + my tippet. I can change leaders by just cutting off the clear and adding a new one to the Amnesia. I only have to re-tie the Nail Knot once per year.
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