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Thread: Back in the game

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    Default Back in the game

    Well, after watching Hugh Hartsell among others I have been contemplating getting back in to the fly tying game. You have to remember that it's been 26 years since I did it in High School back in Sweden. We used an Thompson model a and we didn't have any prewaxed thread.

    I stocked up with Daniel's help on Saturday and man I'm already hooked. My first fly is a Caddis nymph mainly consisting of dubbing from one of my cats. It's a grayish looking ugly thing but I'm going to catch something on it next spring. My fly is going to be called Clyde Caddis after my Cat's name.

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    Default Poor cat

    I thought that I was the only one that has used their cats hair as dubbing? Well now I don't feel out of place. I wonder if that is why she doesn't come by me anymore when I am at my tying desk?

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    Hans, it's good to hear you're getting back in the game. as much as you know about fishing in the smokies, I have a feeling you'll come up with some great patterns. just don't keep them all secret.

    by the way, I tie on a thompson model A. haha!

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    Ok, now I don't feel so bad...about two weeks ago I tied my first Siberian Tellico Nymph and Husky Hair Caddis. I actually mixed the hairs (underfur, actually) of our Siberian Husky with our Lab/Golden Retriever and used it to dub the bodies of the flies. They have a dirty white spiky look to them (the Lab's fur really helps).

    Actually to be more specific, I didn't take the fur from either dog...instead I found a nice dust bunny under a couch that already had their hair mixed (plus a few other unidentifiable fibers). So actually it would be more accurate to call them the Dust Bunny Tellico Nymph and Dirt Ball Caddis....

    I've been spying the coat of my husky for a few years now, imagining the flies that could be tied with it. The hairs are greyish and tipped in black on the ends. But everytime I pet the dog with that look in my eyes, my wife is smart enough to stop me from clipping a few for now I have to rely on dust bunnies...

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    Question Underfur??

    Just my luck to own a Boston Terrier


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