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Thread: Snowing around townsend and metcalf bottoms

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    Cool Snowing around townsend and metcalf bottoms

    Did not get to try any fishing this trip. Bringing the wife back to florida for the holidays. She and one of my daughters have been up since oct. Daughter is nine. Has seen snow once before, but even though it was a dusting we all loved it. Relating to fishing, man I could see huge differnce in water flow even since Thanksgiving when I fished up here. I will be back up in spring to hopefully learn the fine points of fishing up here. Hope all have a very merry christmas. And Good luck fishing if the weather cooperates. Oh yes I also brought my fly rod back to Pensacola, will give some info once I get to try some. Have to work most of the rest of year. Good luck to all and God Bless.


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    Yep, was up there this past weekend and got into some decent snow up around the cove and on top of Chillhowee mtn. And yes the water flow looked very good and I was very happy to see that! Stopped by the shop to pick up a few supplies and ate at the Trailhead resturant. Didn't do any fishing (anniversary trip) but all in all a great weekend with what little time we got out of the cabin...

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    I went deer hunting along Chilhowee Mountain on Sunday, meaning I went for a walk with my pack and rifle, and got snowed on the whole time. The ground was a little too warm for the snow to stick so I couldn't cut any tracks, but the woods were beautiful and it made me forget all about the T-shirt weather earlier last week. I love being in the woods on a snowy day, just as long as I know I have a warm house to go back to when it gets dark.
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