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Thread: No fishing. Taser Christmas warning

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    Look again- those weren't egg patterns in the carpet next to you!

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    Default Hilarious

    JD, that is indeed a hilarious story! I like the way you twisted it more toward a Christmas story. It was extremely funny the first time I read it, in a forward in an email from my father:

    Of course, you should at some point let everyone know this story didn't really happen!

    Merry Christmas all!

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    Default You are correct

    I confess the plagiarism charge is accurate. However I believe that most of us, as fly fishers, have one thing in common. That is, we could believe it because we can SEE OURSELVES actually doing this. Hence we find it humorous.

    I hope everyone enjoyed it and it diminished the stress that we can sometimes feel this time of year.

    I really thought twice about posting it because I thought I might not get any new fishing partners. After all who would fish with a nut like Taser Jim?!!

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    LOL...That was a great story. Very funny stuff!

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    I don't care who you are.....that thar's funny!!!!!!!

    Heaven seems a little closer .........on a Smoky Mountain stream.......
    Jeremiah 29:13

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    I confess the plagiarism charge is accurate.
    No confession needed! We are all fishermen (and fisherwomen) here. If we didn't take liberties with the facts, we would be, um, golfers I guess! Although I suspect golfers fudge the truth too...

    Your story was extremely funny, and it really did brighten up my Christmas.

    Peace on earth, good will to men!

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    Default Taser!

    THAT HAS TO BE ONE OF THE FUNNIEST PASSAGES I HAVE EVER READ! Thanks for posting, I won't be buying a taser for my wife, she'd probably use it on me at some point!
    Happy New Year!

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    Oh heck ya those things hurt. I have been hit 3 times. I work in Law Enforcement and in order to carry and use it you have to take it. I got it once in the thigh, once on the arm, and a "take down" on the right chest. Oh that one hurt. I have also had the "ICE" shield and the "Nova" shield too. Oh that thing is horrible, it has lots of copper strips on it and it may get you on the shoulder and the calfs at the same time. Really a life changing experience! But glad you posted this, made me laugh and remember the apin both. Oh ya the burns it leaves are PC called "Signature marks" then they changed it to "friction abrasions" in our training didn't make tehm feel any better. Oh ya we also have a belt that is 75,000 volts for 8 secs right on the kidney. I haven't and will NEVER ride it I will quit first!

    CPR= catch, photo, & release!

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