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Thread: Trout Run in lower Abram's creek??

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    Default Trout Run in lower Abram's creek??

    Hi all,

    I have a question I thought one of you might be able to answer.

    In Don Kirkís books he mentions something about the Rainbow Trout run in lower Abramís creek. He was pretty vague on this subject. He basically said that the run happens in the winter after heavy rains. I would very much like to catch this run.

    Have any of you experienced this run? Do you know the approx time this will happen? Mid January? February? March?

    I have also heard there is a trail that starts at the campground and runs to the lake following Abrams. I wonder if this is a public or private trail.

    Any info would be great. Thanks.

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    Default Trout run in Abrams.

    Sorry, I was incorrect about the trail. There is a trail that runs from the bridge up a mile or two. A friend told me this today.

    Also this run that I am talking about is the Rainbows from the lake running up the mouth of Abram's creek.

    I thought I would add this correction to my post.

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    I've been trying to get a straight answer about this for years. unfortunately, all I've ever gotten was the same vague info. moreover, I believe anyone you hear about this from (including don kirk) is simply recirculating this vague info passed onto them. this leads me to some possibilities:

    1. someone is catching huge steelhead and won't talk
    2. no one is catching them, but the possibility remains
    3. no one is trying

    I tend to think that little to no one gives it a try. If anyone has some real answers or experience with this and would be willing to share it, my email is:

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    I believe the matter involves the lake-resident rainbows that use Abrams for the spawn. This would be more likely as March approaches. You might consider contacting the fisheries manager of the Park to see if he would be willing to tell you when it occurs. Also, any other creek draining into the lakes would likely have a similar run. These runs are often closely-guarded secrets by anglers who prefer to have relative solitude while fishing. Good luck.
    Please bear in mind that I have no idea what I am talking about.

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    Default Run on lower Abrams Creek

    There used to be a run of browns and rainbows out of Chilhowee Lake that came up Abrams to spawn. It seems that this runs has been spotty to non existant for the past few years. I have personaly caught lake run rainbows in the 17-18 inch range quite a few years ago about 1/2 mile above the campground. The fish have to move a long way upstream to get into that area and they probably just don't go that far since there are other small streams that are closer for them to spawn in. The section below the campground is very rough and is best reached by boat from the lake to do that type of fishing in the spawning season for the rainbows. This would be the time of the year for the browns and March or April would be best for the rainbows.
    Hugh Hartsell---East Tn.
    Hugh Hartsell---East Tenn.

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    This is interesting and I'd though I'd add my 2 cents. I have fished the lake all the way into the mouth of Abrams. You can access it with relative ease by means of something as large as an 18 ft bass boat...Yes, we were stupid enough to do it! I will also add don't try this when the river is in droubt like condition's because we wound up hung up quite a few times! A canoe would be your best bet. When you finally reach the mouth of the Abrams you will find a trail and a man made launch (of sorts) looking upstream on the left hand side..I'll also tell you that there are a ton of really, really decent lake trout that inhabit those waters all the way up to the mouth. I'm going to go on and further add that we left empty handed, which I'll further attribute to not having my fly rod.. If you go the oppisite direction of Abrams you'll find Panther Creek on the opposing side...My buddy hooked up on 3 or 4 rainbows with corn, all pint size. I would imagine there has to be some kind of run, based solely upon water temperatures in that lake and the fact you can head right up to the tailwater to catch trout. There definately there, but it's a mix bag of predominatly larger more aggresive fish ie;smallies....Either way you go, if you have the equipment to get you back in there just make sure to take a 12ft leader and some smallie flies! Either way you'll have fun! Bass fisherman are in awe of that lake it will test the best bass fishermans skills! Small lines and 100% correct tackle otherwise they just won't eat due to water clarity! On a good day you can make the bottom out easily in 50ft of water!

    Back to the run...My dad should really chime in here...A long time ago we lived in Happy Valley, just as you came outta the windy road and into the valley. I can remember, in the spring some guys used to bring there bass boat trucking down the road right in front of our house and show us their catch. Maybe it was becaus I was only about 9 at the time but it seemed like they had some real monsters! I don't remember the species (brown, bows, or lake) I just remember those suckers being big! Oh, and I don't think these guys really gave two rats about any kinda limit because the floor was usually lined with fish! Who knows! But I'd like to hear a report if any one figures this out! And if there still catching them up there like that, the chances are it's behing held secret like a leprechan and his pot "o" gold! I would also imagine giving a call to TWRA and NPS would do some good but I don't think those guys will give out that info either to protect the run!

    Good post!

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    Default A few last trips then

    With the posts about lower Abrams, I've come out of my post Christmas funk, caused entirely by someone putting down a contract on my house that looks as if will go through. We had 12 months to move and the #$% thing sells to the first people who look at it.....

    Anyway, with the move happening on January 23rd and me living in Punkin Center I guess I still have time to slip off from packing and try the run out. I will however, wait until the ice is off the tippet. Might try for a smallie too. Who knows? I sure am gonna miss living here. We'll see what comes up.

    Any suggestions for the Smallies?

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