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    A fellow that I work with related a story that is a good lesson for all of us as it relates to safety while out fishing. A friend of his went fishing with some long-time friends recently. Apparently they were in one of those areas where it's drive/park/fish, drive/park/fish. At mid-day he had gone to his truck to eat something and was sitting on his tailgate with his snack. His buddy came down the road towards him in his truck. As they had a long history of playing pranks on one another, he thought nothing of his friend barrelling down on him. As the other truck got closer, however, it became apparent that he wasn't going to stop. At the last moment, he pulled his legs up and rolled into the bed of his truck before the oncoming truck hit his tailgate and began pushing his truck down the road.

    When the two trucks finally came to a stop, turns out his buddy had his wading boots on and they had gotten hung up in the pedals of his truck with the accelerator down. I recently bought a new pair of wading boots and there was a warning not to drive while wearing them. I guess this is why.

    Now, most of us in the same situation probably are not going to take off our wading boots every time we get back in our vehicle to move to a new spot regardless of the warning. But we have to be aware of the dangers posed by driving with these boots on. They are just not as nimble as regular footwear.

    As a theme for some future threads, particularly while fishing is slow and we really can't relate stories of new outings, seems like a good time to remind each other of some of the things we need to be aware of from a safety perspective while we're out on the streams. Spring will be here before we know it and the enthusiasm of getting back out there may overcome our common sense.

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    I have had a simular experince, not as drastic. I have a 5 speed and went to push the clutch in and caught the brake peddle in the process. locked all four wheels up and came to a stop on the gravel part of Treemont road. If some one was behide me they would have hit me for sure. It didn't help that I was eating Fried peanuts (can't find them anymore, but they were realy good).

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