Ok, I am going to the Outerbanks on June 14-21. To be more specific, I am going to Corolla. There are twelve of us going there are three dads that fish, three wives, and six kids (6yrs old being the oldest). I was looking at I believe to be a past Fly Tyer Mag the other day and it had a whole section on the outerbanks. It seemed to focus on the lower sections and Oregon Inlet.

My question is has anyone on the board fly fished in the OBX and more specifically the Corolla area? I have an eight weight set up and will go to LRO what I need to set it up more specifically. I really do not want to drive far to fish. I think if it is a case of driving to far I would rather play with my kids on the beach. The other thing is the community that we are staying at has a fishing pier with no charge. I could take my spinning outfit or rent one if fly fishing really isn't a good option.

Do they allow you to chum off piers?