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    Default San Juan trip

    My dad and I traveled to New Mexico the day after Christmas to fish the San Juan. He was there in the summer and really enjoyed himself so we just had to go back. The landscape is different from what this country boy is used to but I really liked it. The first day the air temp.was a cool -1 but it reached a scalding 17 degrees and it snowed the entire time. I hooked into the first fish and it felt very heavy but my reel froze and before I could get it into the water and freed it pulled off. Dad mananged to land a really nice hook jawed bow in the 20 range. It was slow the rest of the day and bone chilling cold. The next day dad was sick and didn't fish but I went anyways and the temperature had risen to about 20 that day. I put 1 nice bow to hand and after setting my timer on the camera and carefully handling the fish squatted for the shot only to have him flip out of my hand so I have a very good picture of me looking into the water as my fish swam away. The last day the temperature was a manageable 27 and sunny. I had fished for quiet sometime with no luck when 2 men walked in just below me and landed at least 12 nice bows as fast as they cold unhook the last. They were local and it showed. As they left I thought what the heck there maybe 1 more laying in there. Sure enough on the second drift I got hammered. The fish (which I only saw his HUGE tail) took me down to less than 1/2 my backing before he desided to turn back upstream. I have never had a fish on my line with that much power. I just hung on for the ride and it was awesome. I got him back to my fly line before he took a turn and popped my fly. I didn't care thou. I caught 2 more bows in the 18 inch range and dad done about the same. I don't know how to post pictures on this site but if I figure it out I will put them on here. We had a great trip and I want to thank my dad for taking me. I WILL be back out there one day.

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    Nice report! I've always wanted to fish the Juan sometime. Heard lots of good things about it...someday hopefully!
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