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    Default my first time

    hey, everyone this is my first thread. I have visited this forum many times , but just now registered. I am going to be vacationing in pigeon forge for a week in march. My mornings are going to be free to fish. Any suggestions on where would be very helpful, and distance / time from pigeon forge. I am pretty new to trout fishing (I have the bug). I have caught lots of (stocked & semi wild ) rainbow, but no browns or brookies, so i am very excited about the possibility of catching wild trout especially browns and brookies. Any advise would really be appreciated. Thanks everyone ( this forum is great)!!

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    welcome to the board! Stick around and you'll learn plenty about the wheres and whens of fishing the park. Better yet, go back and read everything you can find from past threads. You will find, instead of a "go here, use this" type of answer (which may leave you clueless if the info doesn't hold true), a TON of information that can arm you with confidence for your trip. There is good fishing right in PF and great fishing within 15 miles. The best thing I could suggest is go to LRO. They're about 20 minutes from PF I walked in there without a clue and said "sell me fly-fishing stuff for catching trout in the mountains over there". They did, and pointed me in the right direction. I've since been there probably more times than I've posted on this board, and now can catch fish all by myself! Also, I'm sure a number of us would love to fish with you, and show you our home. Peace!


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    Welcome to the board, and I agree with everything Patillac said in his response. I would recommend reading up on old posts to better equip yourself for all the possible scenarios you could encounter. That is much better than somebody telling you to try this river and if it is not so hot at that time you find yourself struggling to figure the fish out. Also continue to watch the board especially as time draws near. People will be itching to get out more by that time, and you should be able to find an increase in fishing reports posted.


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    As others have said - welcome. Along with the above advice, might I suggest a book:

    "Trout Fishing in the Shenandoah National Park", by Harry Murray

    Secondly, I would suggest making a trip to LRO and picking up two things: a digital stream thermometer and the National Geographic map of the park; I have found that having a thermometer in particular to be invaluable. Since you will be fishing in March, the weather can be anything from balmy to freezing - the thermometer will tell you if you're near that magic 50F mark, when the streams start to come alive.

    The weather will really dictate where you should go...if it's on the cool side when you're in PF, your best bet is to concentrate on streams toward the west side of the park, as the elevation drops off some in that direction and the streams tend to warm more quickly. However, if it's warm, the streams toward the higher, eastern side should fish well. Also, what is your preference - browns, brookies, or either? The brookies are probably an easier target to catch, but if you're looking for a stream with both (and wild bows, too), and don't mind a drive over the mountains to the N.C. side, Straight Fork can't be beat...the road into it from the Reservation opens up around 9 March for the year, I believe.

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    Default Listen to these Guys...

    I made my first Smokies Fly Fishing trip in April of 07 armed with this book, having read all the posts I could find on this board, and a 5 minute (Right at closing time) trip to LRO to pick up my visitors fishing license. Caught a grand slam second day out (Brookie, Bows, and Browns).

    These folks here, and at the store, can't be beat...some of the wisest and most generous folks you'd ever come across... Use the Force, Luke!

    Have fun in March!

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    Welcome aboard!

    As the others have said, you'll find a great group of people here very willing to help another FFer out.

    You'll also find this entire website an invaluable help when it comes to hunting the wild trout in these mountains. Byron's daily fishing reports will keep you up to date (quite literally) on what's working and what's not... where the action is and where it isn't... whether the cows are standing or laying down. The online catalog continues to grow and offers a wealth of new gear and ease of outfitting yourself.

    But by far, the message board is the single best place for "go to" information. For example, if you have a particular stream in mind for your trip, run a search on that stream and you'll get a ton of both generic and specific information. But if you scroll through the many hits and/or sort by date, you can look at historic posts relative to your time period. The archives allow you to look at March '07 posts for your particular stream so you can see what happened last year.

    Gerry Romer

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    If you only have the mornings to fish any trip to the NC side of the mountains will be pushing the envelope. My choice would be any of the quiet walkways down to the W Prong of the the Little Pigeon....this is the river that runs up the mountain from the Park HQ.....I personally like to walk in at the trail head for the Huskey Gap trail....if you put in above the Chimney Tops trail head you will have a good chance at some brookies.....if I were looking for a brown trout I would head over to Elkmont campground area....

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