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Thread: brooktrout restoration

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    Laurel Creek above the falls is very tight. In fact the creek is tight down lower also. Last year it wouldn't have been worth it, as for size of brookies. I thought I knew how far ten inches is but in reality it is a longer than you think. Next time you get a fish you think is ten inches, take a tape measure or measure your rod handle, and you will see that most fish you think are ten inches are more like nine or eight. It is easy to overestimate. I don't mean to say that you fine folks are lying, I just know how easy it is to think they are big.

    With that said anyone who knows me and especially in the past, how many days I spent on high altitude streams in the park. It took me 8 years until I caught a Brook Trout of 11 1/2 ". That is my biggest to date and it took right above the Chimneys Picnic area on a Joe's Hopper.

    This leads me to the next point. I have always caught Brook trout at lower altitude than the general population think they are. I have caught a few as low as Cambell Overlook, which should be barely 2000ft. They can be caught sporadically with easy between Cambell overlook and the Stone bridge at Chimney's Picnic area. They do appear more often upstream of there but they are not as scarce down low as people think.

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    Default Exaggerating?

    Hans, are you saying that fisherman stretch the truth? I can't believe that any of us would stoop so low as to embellish anything...

    This past year I used a very simple system for measuring fish. I measured my left hand from the tip of the index finger to the crease below my palm and found that it was exactly 8". I have a hard enough time catching, landing and releasing fish without a net or any other help in the park so that was the best way for me (plus most fish in the park are below 8", anyway). If the fish is bigger than my hand, I do have a 10" mark on my flyrod, but its harder to measure the fish as they get bigger, unless you take them out of the water and then lay them on a rock or on the bank. Since I hate to take the fish very far from the water (even for a picture) I usually have to guesstimate anything larger than 10".

    I'd love to know how folks are able to hold onto fish and stretch a tape at the same time. I realize that we have strayed away from the brookie topic, but was curious on other folks methods of measuring.

    My observations from this past year: 98% of the brookies I caught this year were less than 8" and I would say that probably 90% were 6" or less. But there were a larger number between 6 and 8" than I thought there would be. Is it possible that many of the youngest/smallest brookies were weeded out by the drought this summer?

    And remember: 58.67% of all statistics are made up...especially during election years....

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    I've caught quite a few fish up there (WPLP) and quite a few brookies but only one or two in the size we're talking about. I'll have to say that when I caught the one larger brookie (~10.17") up on WPLR, I was a bit surprised. It's color was starting to fade so I would guess it had been in there a while. Since I released it, I imagine it's still up there unless it's gone on to brookie heaven.

    I talked with Daniel in the shop today and he said he had fished above Laurel falls and didn't scare up a single fish. He and Ted agreed that the creek below the falls is worth fishing but above the falls, as Hans said, is apparently awfully tight quarters.
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