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Thread: Why no tying materials available online?

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    Default Why no tying materials available online?

    I was just wondering why LRO does not have any of their tying materials in the online catalog?
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    Just speculation, but with the sheer number and variety of fly tying materials it would take forever to do it. I know their time is already spread thin and i'm sure there's just not enough of it right now.


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    I believe it is a numbers thing. Just to much of it. If you give them a call and want something specific I'm sure they will sell it to you.
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    Default You are correct!

    Thanks mtnman2888 and Flying Trout. You are absolutely correct. Our tying material department is just too extensive to do on the online catalog.

    Please do call us, anytime...and we will be more than happy to shop the walls for your needs.


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