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    Default Refurbishing Old Bamboo's

    Hi all I am new to this forum, and I was just wanting to know how many of you have refurbished an Old Bamboo? I am in the middle of rebuilding one for my husband, and it has been a total pleasure to feel the bamboo, and see the lusturous boo come out from behind all that old, varnish. I surendered the old cork, and reelseat, and bought a new Fine Grade Portegese cork and a Batson Nickel Silver Reel seat w/ Abolonya Birl Insert, and am finishing the snakes with Scarlett Silk, and the Stripping Guide is a Red Scarlett Colored Agate, Scarlett was choosen since he is a former Marine, and a disabled U.S.Marine Veteran, I cant wait to finish it and place it in his hands to fish for the first time. It has a real nice action, and a 5-6wt.

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    Building and refurbishing old rods is something I definitely want to get into someday. I just don't have the time or space right now. I recently purchased a refurbished bamboo and love it. You can find a lot of info on it over on Clarks classic rod forum.

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    I've got an old one that a friend of mine ask me to try and sell for him. I loaded it up one time and it broke right at the metal part that connects the two halves together. I have since found that there indeed was a rotted spot right there where water had apparently gotten under the boo.

    If anyone is interested I will let you have it for the $35 he asked me to try and get for it. It's a beautiful rod I just ahve so much going on already with my knives that i'll never ahve time to mess with it!

    E-mail me if you think I can do something with it!
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    highpockets....shoot me an email, I may be interested in the boo rod if you still have it..... I will be in Townsend this weekend for a fly tying class (are you far from LRO?)

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    kayakfish, it sounds as if you're doing a great job, a friend of mine builds & restores a lot of boo, there are other's here as well i believe, i'll tell my friend about your project & see if he can drop you any hints from Nashville.


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