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Thread: First backwoods/fly fishing adventure

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    These are all good choices listed above. If any of you guys are going up there to any of those remote creeks let us all know. I love my fellow fisherman but I am selfish and want the whole river to myself. lol. No seriously I would go with Hazel creek just for all the history alone. The fishing isn't to bad either. Good luck wherever you decide to go.

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    Default Camp 96?

    Would you recommend camp 96 as a base station and fishing up and down Eagle Creek?

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    Camp site #96 is a very cool camp site. It is on an island in eagle creek. I've never fished eagle creek but it is on the list for the spring. The only thing you need to think of is a creek washing rain. You can get into trouble quick. Also you will have to cross water to use the bathroom. Rules say that you should be 100 feet away from water to use the facilities. Maybe we will run into each other this season. Good luck!
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    I suggest Abrams Creek. I know most people don't think of Abrams as backcountry destination but in my estimation it is the best fishing stream in the whole park - if you are willing to work for it. My suggestion would be park at Abrams Creek Campground. Hike to Little Bottoms it is approiximately 1.5 miles of a pretty strenuous hike. Camp there. Fish the entirety of the stream up to the Falls. I have fished this area 5 or 6 times over the past few years and have NEVER seen another fisherman. However, Abrams is by far the most dangerous wading stream in the park. Do not do it alone! Get good wading shoes and a wading staff is mandatory. Note this trip does not include either the Big or Little Horseshoe but thats OK there are plenty of fish in this creek. Note do not bother to fish the stream from Abrams Creek Campground to Little Bottoms - its just not worth it.

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    Default Early may??

    Early may I would stock up on Orange and Yellow Palmers, Royal Wulff, Thunderhead, just keep your flybox full this is my favorite time of the year to fish because the Mayfly hatches are amazing.

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