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    Today was the annual MLK day steam plant striper extravagonzo, with Captains Peacher and Campbell at Kingston steam plant. Air temp: 32, water temp: 64, NNE wind, bright sunshine. I thought that the combination of bright sunshine and NNE wind would result in a poor fishing day, but I was wrong. We caught ~30 stripers (6 to 7 lbs), countless white bass, a few yellow bass, one TN tarpon, and one mean blugill that ate a 1/0 streamer.. The fly of the day was the "Electric Chicken", a Brandt-Campbell version of the Clouser, fished on a full sinking line. An incredible way to start the 2008 season.

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    I was just talking to Appalachian Angler the other day about this. I wondered if anyone every fished below the discharge during the winter for the stripers. I guess it would be about impossible to try it from the bank, I've got an 8wt with a 200 grain full sinking line that doesn't see much action.

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    Bull Run would be tough to cast from the bank. Kingston has a gentle slope, with plenty of room to backcast, but you will have to get in some mud. I have seen guys down there in waders, in order to get farther out. Several that I caught were within casting distance.

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