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Thread: A Gift of Hope

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    Hi I am kinda new to this Forum but well known on the Fly Anglers Online, and Kayakfishing Stuff Fly Fishing Forums. What I have to ask is if there is any of you out there that may have extra gear, or materials for Fly fishing and tying that you may like to donate to a teacher in NJ, who putting together a fly fishing class for the youth, to introduce them to the art of Fly Fishing, and get them off the streets.
    I personally have notified all my buddies that Duck Hunt, and all the dealers I work with in tying and fishing and have gotten some stuff together. what we are looking for is tying materials, tools, and fly fishing supplies; rods, reels, tools. They dont have to be the best just fishable or usable, if they need work we can fix them up, eyes, quides, reelseats, corks, mending, what ever we are just trying to get the youth interested in something other than just hanging in the crowd if you get my drift. I myself every year send flies, and do tying classes for our youth locally, and have and will continue to donate stuff to the Military personnell that are trying the sport, in the Healing Waters Project.

    If any of you have anything you would like to donat please feel free to send what ever to:

    Myself: Mrs Tina Shank
    645 Trents Mill Road
    Cumberland VA 23040 or

    Doug Skinner
    C/O gateway Reginal High School District
    775 Tanyard Rd,
    Woodbury Heights, NJ 08096

    NOTE* if you are sending old rods or reels needing work please send them to my address as I will be doing the repairs. Thank You So Very Much

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    Thanks for doing this. Many of us have extra angling goods. I will send you a package out soon. Good work. Monk

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