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Thread: which rod

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    Quote Originally Posted by Flying Trout View Post all I have to do is decide which one within what I am willing to spend.

    Don't overlook the TFO rods - great value for the $$.


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    Even though I haven't had the chance to fish it yet, I love the feel of the new Sage Launch 3wt I just received from LRO. It may be a little longer than you want at 8' 6", but paired up with the BBS II and free wonderline, it looks and feels great casting in the yard! I also considered a TFO Finesse, but for $40 more I got a Lifetime unconditional warranty (minus S&H) and a rod tube. I can't wait to get out and fish this rod! Just my $0.02. I'm sure you'll enjoy whatever rod you get!

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    Default TempleFork!

    Here's my $.02. Go with the TFO Pro in either 7'6" or 8'6". You can be out the door for around $170 (w/rod & a tube). The rods are great casting, easy to hike with (4pcs) and most importantly, they have a no-fault warranty.

    From the TFO website:
    Our No-Fault Warranty is for the life of the original registered owner. Send your registration card with each purchase to activate your warranty. Simply return a damaged rod with $25 for shipping & handling, and we will repair or replace your rod.

    Blanks sections (as appropriate) will be replaced and returned with related hardware and finishings from broken sections. This warranty is limited to our blank, on custom TFO rods.

    My fishing buddy "accidentally" stepped on mine this past year and broke it in three places. On the hike out, I somehow managed to lose one of the sections. Paula sent it back to TFO for me and they replaced it all in less than 2 weeks, no questions asked. They are an excellent company and I will buy many more rods from them. (I hope my wife didn't read that).

    My 3wt casts like a dream. If you haven't done so already, go to LRO and have them line the 3wt rod with some 4wt line. When dinking flies in the park, I've found the extra line wt makes for nicer casting on the shorter casts. But try it before you buy it...YMMV

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    I went with the TFO pro 7'6". I went ahead and bought the BBS I lined with 3wt line and BBS II lined with 4wt. I was not planning on the 4wt line and extra reel but with the sale could not pass up. I just have to wait on the reels to arrive and I'll be set.

    Thanks for all of your help guys. I'm sure LRO appreciated it. Thanks for helping me out at closing time today.
    "The gods do not deduct from man's allotted span the hours spent in fishing." Babylonian Proverb

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