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    Bought Middleton's "Spine" book online--read it--and loved it---but I have a question or two about it
    1)The last chapter is beautiful--I think I remember the Dairy Queen---Did Middleton catch that fish?Was the guy with the proverbs real?
    2)Somehow Middleton seems in the same realm as Peter Mathiasson(The Snow Leapord) if there is truth in any of what he says
    3)Middleton's grasp of language,is at times overpowering,I was affected by the book,not because of his tribute to fishing or a little winston rod.His words are sometimes hurtful,because his truth is our truth,the streams,the fishing,the bright days and dark days,good times.

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    lauxier, I was interested in your comparison of Middelton and Mathiesson. I have enjoyed Mathiesson's works. It has been over 20 years since I read his books. A FAR TORTUGA, SNOW LEOPARD, AT PLAY IN THE FIELDS OF THE LORD, are wonderful. I have only read ON THE SPINE OF TIME by Middelton. Hope to read BRIGHT COUNTRY. SNOW LEOPARD was the search for that rare thing. Like catching the impossible fish with the perfect cast. Have you seen the movie version of AT PLAY IN THE FIELDS OF THE LORD? Kathy Bates and Tom Waits. Worth a look. Monk

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    Default Bright Country


    I would not recommend The Bright Country as my second read of Middleton. It is at a stage of extreme depression, and it comes out in the book. Several people I have talked to did not finish that book. Instead, read The Earth is enough. It will give you some insight into his struggle between the desire for the simple life while living in a complex fast moving world.


    I am not sure how much his stories are embellished. I am confident there is some of that. He would not be a good writer without some of that. However, I do believe there is some fact in his stories. Unfortunately, we will never know. You are correct about the pain of reality. Sometimes, it is like he slaps you right in the face with something you know to be true but want to ignore.

    Happy reading,
    Don Winningham

    I don't live just to fish, but I want to fish just as long as I live.

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