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Thread: Grey HackleYellow Dry

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    I use mostly size 14 but sometimes a 12 is the ticket. I rarely use 16 or 10, but they do have their place. Note this info is only for mtn fishing. On tailwaters I rarely use a BH Prince unless I'm on the Clinch or Hiwassee where they can be good in large sizes at times.

    I came up with my own Yellow Sally recipe. I don't know if it will work we'll see. Yellow thread, some yellow dubbing in sparse layers, and Yellow Elk Hair. I tie this in a small 16 since many Yellow Sally's I've seen on Little River are small.

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    The hare's ear parachute has consistently produced for me in park and other mtn streams. Depending on the time of year, I will start with a match for the current hatch, but end up fishing the HEP at one point or another during the day.

    My two cents


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