Hi all-- new user, first post. I am planning a trip to Forney Creek in the middle of March and would appreciate any info I can get.

We are planning to put in at Flat Branch boat ramp on Fontana Lake. It is just South of Goldmine Loop Trail across the lake right next to Evans Knob at the end of Greasy Branch Rd. Anyone familiar with this? Is it safe (car theft wise)? Is the road to it passable for non 4-wheel drive vehicles? We are paddling canoes across and planning on about a 2 hour paddle. Does this sound reasonable? It looks like slightly less than 3 miles.

We are planning on carrying some chains and padlocks so we can drag the canoes away from the trail and lock them to a tree. Will this be enough of a theft deterrent?

We will probably stay at CS 71 so we will have access to both the upper and lower stretches of Forney Creek. Most of the fishing will be on the lower reaches; but I will check out Jonas and Huggins Creeks as well. Any other info on trail conditions, creek crossings, good fishing spots, equipment, etc. will be greatly appreciated. I have done a back country trip like this (sans canoes) to Eagle Creek and had a great trip-- can I assume that Forney Creek and Trail will be similar in regards to hiking and fishing?

Also, if you had to pick between Raven Fork, Straight Fork and Bradley Fork this time of year what would your choice be?

Thanks in advance for any input...