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Thanks for the info on the rod, gf2! It's nice to have a little background on it. And welcome! You'll love this forum. Great folks and great info.

Grumpy, I managed a couple of hours Sunday to go fishing and tried it out. It handled very well despite using a cheap reel and line. I know it will be even better when my new orvis reel and line gets here. It was more limber than my graphite rod and it took a few minutes of casting to get used to but I think it will likely become my "goto" rod for awhile. It feels better in my hand than my other rods. I have small hands and this one just seems to be a natural fit for me. This old rod seems to have character I guess you could say.
You'll learn to slow down & let the rod work, then you'll be amazed, especially with a fish on, i swear you can feel their heartbeat on bamboo.
They deffinitely have character