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Thread: South Bend Bamboo

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    Quote Originally Posted by fishNlady View Post
    Thanks for the info on the rod, gf2! It's nice to have a little background on it. And welcome! You'll love this forum. Great folks and great info.

    Grumpy, I managed a couple of hours Sunday to go fishing and tried it out. It handled very well despite using a cheap reel and line. I know it will be even better when my new orvis reel and line gets here. It was more limber than my graphite rod and it took a few minutes of casting to get used to but I think it will likely become my "goto" rod for awhile. It feels better in my hand than my other rods. I have small hands and this one just seems to be a natural fit for me. This old rod seems to have character I guess you could say.
    You'll learn to slow down & let the rod work, then you'll be amazed, especially with a fish on, i swear you can feel their heartbeat on bamboo.
    They deffinitely have character


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    Default fishnlady

    everyone who fly fishes very long-will eventually drift to bamboo,probably out of curiosity.Your South Bend looks to be a dandy.Once you get used to your South Bend,your graphites(as great as they cast,and as light as they are,and as technologically superior to mama nature's cane as they wanna be..)may be moved to the back seat.You made a wise purchase.Your rod is as historical as it is a goto.Whatever it is,deep within us,that sends us to streams to fish,there is also the simplicity and rightness of bamboo,a natural weed,grown in ground far away,it is fishing au naturale,and it does not get any better..

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    You guys say it so beautifully. And you are right! It is that natural feel and "rightness" as you put it lauxier. I found a book on Bamboo rods that I think I'm going to order. I am looking forward to learning more about them and I will probably get another bamboo at some point too. I'd love to have a new one built but money is an issue right now so that plan is on hold. But some day I do plan to have one built.
    "To go fishing is the chance of washing one's soul with pure air, with the rush of the brook, or with the shimmer of the sun on blue water."

    - Herbert Hoover, devoted angler and thirty-first President of the United States.

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    Default Hmmm

    fishnlady, does you rod have any writing on it? I think I might have the same rod. I had my refinished and an eye put back on. I got it from a older gentleman that was not able to fish any more. Mine has the number 346 on it an it also says E or H E H does that make since to any one? I have used this rob some but its a little heavy I think.

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    Congrats on the win! I to fish boo rods and have never been fortunate enough to win one. But when ever you fish boo keep in mind how sweet it is to take something from the ground and have a skilled craftsman spend hours on it and turns it into a piece of working art. As each movement flows from your body and is transferred into the cane you become one with that maker and his art. Leaves alot to be said for the mass produced koriegn rods of today, with no artistry or history. Congrats and I hope it is one of many to come.
    Romans 10:9-10 KJV

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    RGR, HEH is the previous (archaic) designation of DT 5. Hook & Hackle has a chart on their site for reference. Tight Lines. TDS

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    I can't beleive I am just seeing this thread. Congatulations on your new rod. I'm glad you liked your first bamboo experience. A lot can be said about the grass that it is made from. Keep us informed on how it fishes.

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