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Thread: Fishing Tommorow Need Help!!

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    Default Fishing Tommorow Need Help!!

    Was going to fish tommorow and due to waters being up was just hoping someone could point me to some access points on where to enter anthony creek and laurel creek?? I've read you get to anthony creek at cades cove picnic area but do you follow it into the cove or back towards townsend??


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    For Anthony Creek, just go to the picnic area and start fishing. I would start at the lower end of the picnic area and work upstream...
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    Default Laurel Creek

    If you want to go with Laurel Creek, there are two approaches.
    1. After you pass through the tunnel on the way towards Cades Cove, keep an eye out for a creek merging into the West Prong of Little river. It will be across West Prong on the right, coming out of the hills. That is where Laurel Creek empties into WP. From that point, you can fish a bend in the creek back around to the left where it will run back under the road to Cades Cove (oddly enough, named Laurel Creek Road). That is a pretty good stretch of creek. or,
    2. If you pass the large pull-off on the left side of the road where West Prong crosses under the road and takes off into the mountains on the left, there will be another, less developed pulloff on the left. From there Laurel Creek runs along side the road and you can fish upstream from there. My understanding is that there are some pretty nice pools with trout all along the road.
    Good luck.
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