First off, I really appreciate the great service at LRO and the friendly attitude of Smoky Mountain anglers toward visitors. Being in the military pretty much means I am an out-of-towner wherever I fish. Many local fisherman are not so accepting as I have found here. Thanks.

I am planning a fishing/backpacking trip for March and am interested in checking out the Cataloochee area. Last year I hiked down the Deep Creek Trail and fished down to camp 60. I think Deep Creek was a bit colder than other streams, as I stopped at Tremont on the way out of the park and caught more fish in 4 hours there than in three days on Deep Creek.

I was wondering if the Cataloochee streams produce very well in the early spring (early to mid March). If so, any favorites among Rough Fork, Little Cataloochee, Caldwell, or Palmer Creek? I will fish anything, but there is nothing better than a tumbling mountain stream with hungry little fish who will take a dry fly.

Also as there are few labeled backcountry camps in that area does anyone have any advice on where I should camp in order to have access to the most water? I like to cover lots of water and would like to give some attention to at least a few of those streams.

Sorry for the long post but thanks for any help,